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WTH International Services, LLC offers professional trade compliance and international trade consulting services.  Our suite of services include customized import/export training, documentation, process/procedural assessments, compliance audits, prior disclosure/investigation & agency audit support, mentoring, and as an added bonus, WTH International is pleased to offer consultation and recovery services for import/customs VAT reclamation and much, much more.

Using our years of technical, regulatory and operational expertise in international trade, WTH International Services is dedicated to providing vital services, of the highest standard and at a great value.




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Areas of Expertise


Understanding your current trade compliance situation is vital. Before any new policies or procedures can be implemented, WTH International offers our clients our ability to do an assessment on their current trade compliance culture/data. 

Contract terms and conditions

Some contracts can be complex and time consuming to investigate. WTH International can help offset the time and complexity by reviewing your contracts for trade compliance related language and advise you on the best course of action in order to be compliant. 


Customs compliance is ever changing and evolving. In order to keep pace, WTH International offers many different classes on trade compliance including: HS classification, free trade qualification, product classification/license submittal and more.

prior disclosure, investigation and agency audit suport

When it comes to revenue for a country, customs based tariffs are normally in the top three revenue generators. Because of this, customs investigates and audits on a regular basis. WTH International can help you through these investigations and audits so you can focus on other key aspects of your company. 

Export/import management systems

The backbone of customs compliance is having robust import/export compliance procedures in place. Based on an assessment by WTH International, we can guide you through the development and implementation of these systems to ensure your company is in compliance. 

Ongoing trade compliance consulting

Trade compliance regulations are notoriously complex and hard to understand. WTH International has over 50 years of trade compliance experience at your disposal. Have a question on any trade compliance related topic, just ask!


If you think compliance is expensive - try non-compliance.
— Former U.S. Deputy Attorney General Paul McNulty


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